Bobcat planers at the cutting-edge of road construction projects

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November 6, 2020
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Bobcat planers at the cutting-edge of road construction projects

More manoeuvrable than dedicated planers and cost-effective to maintain, Bobcat planer attachments are being deployed on many road-rehabilitation and maintenance projects in the country.

This durable and versatile attachment is being used by enterprising contractors to mate uneven pavement surfaces; clean around larger milling machines; mill around manholes; and taper edges on a road. It is also ideally suited to cutting drainage in parking lots.

It is effortlessly equipped to Bobcat compact track, skid steer and all-wheel steer loaders using the Bob-Tach mounting system with its quick-connect controls.

Suited to arduous applications, high flow planers use the increased hydraulic horsepower of Bobcat loaders that feature seven-pin Attachment Control Kits as standard. Meanwhile, standard-flow planers provide contractors with a more cost-effective alternative for their periodic planing requirements.

Depending on the type of concrete, depth of use and operator experience, production rates of between 40m²/h and 50m²/h are possible using the various planer models. They include a 35cm unit with a 35cm all-purpose drum, as well as a 46cm and 61cm unit with or without a 46cm and 61cm Fast Cut Drum, respectively.

Carbide-tipped bits, mounted on a revolving drum, cut, and pulverise pavement material which, after being milled, exits the planer housing through a rear opening. It can then be immediately recycled to perfectly finish any asphalt and repair.

“Notably, the low angle, high velocity blows are undertaken in a controlled pattern to uniformly chip pavement, with depth, width, and slope control easily set and maintained by



operators. This is done by moving the right and left ski of the planer up or down using a fingertip control. Even in rough terrain, the planer skis maintain surface contact and, in so doing, ensure a consistent cut depth,” Kevin Purcell of BOBCAT EQUIPMENT says.

Certainly, clear visibility of the skis from the operator’s cab also facilitates excellent control of the attachment and loader in all types of terrain. There is currently no other planer on the market that provides operators with such a clear view of the working area.

Meanwhile, the planer’s oscillating cutting wheel provides optimum surface tracking despite the movement of the loader and rear-mounted wheels provide support and reduce tyre bounce for a smoother cut.

Bobcat’s planers also feature side-cutting bits that reduce drum binding in the cut and produce a vertical edge to improve joints between new and existing layers of asphalt.

Moreover, a hydraulic side-shift feature facilitates quick positioning of the drum for another pass and enables planing close to walls and curbs. All Bobcat’s planers also feature a removable end plate to enable milling flush against walls and, in so doing, eliminating the need for further clean-up work.

Angled cuts and the matching of two uneven surfaces is made possible by the planer housing that can oscillate about 15°.

Certainly, the high productivity rates achievable with the planer are also due to its large rear opening that reduces the amount of material being re-milled. This means that more material can be removed from the planer before it is reground into smaller pieces.

Replaceable ski wear pads simplify maintenance and reduce associated costs. In addition, the top access panel enables ease of inspection and replacement of cutting bits. Teeth life varies between 20 hours and 50 hours and they are changed and removed using a specially designed bit tool.

A robust one-piece concentric unit that provides a smooth cutting experience, the drum has a life of between 200 hours and 400 hours.

“Interest in our cutting-edge attachments remains high, especially at a time when the country’s leading roads agency has committed to implementing about R30-billion worth of construction projects to assist in stimulating the economy. The Bobcat planer will be a valuable item of equipment on most of these high-performance contracts,” Purcell concludes.

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