Our Team

David Poggiolini

Managing Director

David Poggiolini has extensive experience working in the technical and business environment. He has directly edited more than 10 business and technical publications and still generates content for a variety of print magazines as a freelance writer.

David’s forte is writing on public and private sector driven infrastructure-development programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. He has also written extensively on a host of other specialised topics, ranging from information and communications technologies through to resource extraction, facilities management and forestry-related industries in the region.

David looks forward to working with you to tailor-make content for your market.

Debbie Poggiolini

Marketing and Sales Manager

Debbie Poggiolini has worked in the business and technical print media environment for more than 20 years. Debbie’s focus has been on advertising and marketing, helping companies operating in a variety of industries to optimise their marketing message on the most relevant media platforms.

Debbie looks forward to helping you design and position your message in the market.


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