Winning teams tread where others fear

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July 9, 2017
In the heart of an expanding logistics hub
July 9, 2017
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Winning teams tread where others fear

Bridgewater Logistics has always believed that it takes a group of people with diverse skills and talents to build a winning company.

It is for this reason that our management continues to place credence on internal strategies geared at developing and motivating Bridgewater Logistics’ growing team of experts.

An example of such programmes is a recent initiative that allows all employees to spend face-to-face time with the managing director and share with him their thoughts on how to improve performances in their individual departments.

Every two weeks employees’ names are randomly selected from a hat to determine who will get an opportunity to spend time with Quinton de Villiers. He spends at least an hour listening to these suggestions, before implementing the ideas he believes will ensure that Bridgewater Logistics remains at the forefront of the South African transport and logistics sector.

“I spend at least an hour listening and, just as importantly, getting to know my employees at a personal level. I want all my staff to feel comfortable sharing their views with me, as they have a lot to impart being at the coalface of the operations. I listen carefully for suggestions that will streamline their departments, making their jobs easier to perform. This keeps them highly motivated and very productive,” says De Villiers.

Initiatives such as these are a cornerstone to Bridgewater Logistics’ ongoing growth in a highly-competitive industry. The company’s key differentiator is being able to propose innovative solutions for clients and successfully implement, as well as see them through to completion, despite how challenging they may be.

As De Villiers says, “It takes a strong team to continue being able to help our customers get their product to market when so many others have found the task too daunting!”

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